Grand Chief Mark Nui's speech

Ladies and gentlemen, It is a great pleasure for the Innu Nation to be here today and I would like first and foremost to point out the presence of our whole executive – Peter Penashue, Deputy Grand Chief, Anastasia Qupee, Chief of the Sheshatshiu First Nation and Prote Poker, Chief of the Musuhuau Innu First Nation.

The four of us, just like everyone else in our two communities, have been touched in one way or another by illness and specifically by cancer. We have seen our loved ones leave our communities to come to St. John's for treatment; we have witnessed the difficulties and hardship such trips and treatments represent. This is why a few months ago the Innu Nation announced a $125,000 donation to Daffodil Place. We want our people and everyone else in the province to be more comfortable and to receive more support when they are faced with such difficult times.

Of course, like all Newfoundlanders, Labradorians and Canadians we also know the cost of such treatments, the endless need for new equipment that can deliver more precise treatment, with less side effects and more chances of success. A few moments ago we toured the facilities and saw first-hand how important it is for the Bliss Murphy Cancer Center to keep purchasing the latest and the best equipment available. We want to help the campaign that is now underway to provide the best equipment to cancer care teams so that they can deliver the best treatment and care to cancer patients right here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

And after years and years of hardship of our own, the Innu Nation now finds itself in a position to help not only its own people but also the larger community of the province.

So, it is with great pride that I announce that the Innu Nation, on behalf of all its people, is contributing $125,000 to the Dr. Bliss Murphy Cancer Foundation. Thank you.