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Province and Innu Working Together to Benefit Innu Children, Youth and Families

February 11, 2014

Meetings in Natuashish and Sheshatshiu Focus on Strengthening Child, Youth and Family Service Delivery

During a visit to Labrador last week, the Honourable Paul Davis, Minister of Child, Youth and Family Services, and the Honourable Nick McGrath, Minister Responsible for Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs, met with Innu leaders, Band Council representatives, elders and other community members to discuss the delivery of child, youth and family services in Natuashish and Sheshatshiu.
Innu Nation Grand Chief Comments on Innu Development Limited Partnership Review and RCMP Investigation

Sheshatshiu, Newfoundland and Labrador - February 10, 2014 – Today, Innu Nation Grand Chief Prote Poker spoke out about their organizations’ position on the October 2013review ordered by the Board of Directors of the of Innu Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) into payments made to former executives of that organization and the related ongoing RCMP investigation. “We are obviously disturbed by what we are hearing in the media and like all of our members, we are anxious to get to the bottom of these issues,” stated Mr. Poker. 
Alderon and the Innu Nation of Labrador Sign Impacts and Benefits Agreement

January 23, 2014  

Alderon Iron Ore Corp. (TSX: ADV) (NYSE MKT: AXX) ("Alderon" or the “Company”) and the Innu Nation of Labrador (“Innu Nation”) are pleased to announce that The Kami Mine Limited Partnership (“Kami LP”), an affiliate of Alderon, has signed an Impacts and Benefits Agreement (“IBA”) with respect to the development of the Kami Iron Ore Project (“Kami Project”) located in western Labrador.  The IBA is a life-of-mine agreement that establishes the sharing of benefits that will ensure a continued positive relationship between the Innu Nation and the Kami LP. The IBA represents full and final settlement to the Innu Nation.
Welcome to Innu.ca!
The Innu Nation is the organization that formally represents the Innu of Labrador, approximately 2200 persons, most of whom live in the two Innu communities of Sheshatshiu and Natuashish. The Sheshatsiu Innu live in the community of Sheshatshiu while the Mushuau Innu live in the community of Natuashish. Some Innu also live in other communities within Labrador and on the Island part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In order to protect their interests, their land and their rights from outside forces the Innu people first organized themselves in 1976 under the Naskapi Montagnais Innu Association (NMIA). In 1990, the NMIA changed its name to the Innu Nation. Today the Innu Nation forms the governing body of the Labrador Innu. In addition to the Innu Nation, residents of Sheshatshiu and Natuashish elect their own band council and the chiefs of both councils are members of the The Executive Council of the Innu Nation.

The Innu Nation's mandate is to speak as one voice to protect the interests of the Innu people and to oversee all its political and business affairs. The Innu Nation is involved in on-going land claim and self-governance negociations with the Federal and provincial governments. As of 2006, the Innu of Labrador have been formally recognized under The Indian Act of Canada.

The Innu Nation is also involved in the social and economic development and well-being of its community.

To reach us:

Sheshatshiu office:
P.O. Box 119
Sheshatsiu, Labrador, NL
A0P 1M0

Tel: 709-497-8398
Fax: 709-497-8397

Natuashish office:
P.O. Box 186
Natuashish, Labrador, NL
A0P 1A0

Tel: 709-478-8755
Fax: 709-478-8733


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